Color coding your class materials will save you time and frustration whether you are reading your schedule, organizing your notes, or using your academic planner. Here are some simple tips on how color coding can work.

  • Assign a basic color to each of your five main classes. You may want to choose the colors based on a set of highlighters or markers that you will carry in your backpack on a regular basis.
6th class?
  • Use color coding on divider tabs to separate subjects in your binders and/or accordion files for loose leaf handouts.
  • Color code your schedule so that a quick glance is all it will take to see what classes you have each day.
  • Color code your academic planner: highlight or underline each subject in its designated color for quick identification and to distinguish homework assignments from each other in a crowded planner. Incorporating this stage into your weekly planning on Sunday nights will also help to identify which classes are going to take priority in a given week.
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